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A journey through grief, self discovery & singleness

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I Can't Imagine What You're Going Through

Early in my grief journey, I remember not knowing how to respond to condolences. Depending on the person, the expected response varied, and at times I didn't have the energy to respond. Some people were grieving themselves, wanting connection. Some people were inquisitive, wanting to know more details, and some had no idea what to say. At the time, it was all a bit overwhelming. I didn't know how to respond and sometimes, I just didn't want to. One condolence stood out to me the most, "I can't imagine what you're going through." I had a lot of mixed feelings about this one, so I put them in a poem.

I Can't Imagine What You're Going Through

A poem by Christine Angelique

I can't imagine what you're going through

It's ok, neither could I

Nothing quite prepares you

For life forcing a goodbye

We learn about it when we're young

We do our best to sympathize

But it's an impossible thing to imagine

Until it's right before your eyes

I can't imagine what you're going through

Honestly that's probably for the best

I don't wish for you to understand

The feeling of pain swelling in your chest

The constant state of disbelief

Your world turning upside down

Overwhelming waves of endless grief

Becoming a puddle of tears on the ground

I can't imagine what you're going through

That's alright, I don't want you to

Imagine peaceful things instead

That's what I'm trying to do

Her contagious laugh and smile

Every moment we shared together

Her healing warm hugs

All the things I'll cherish forever

I can't imagine what I'm going through

It still doesn't feel real

But if that old saying is true

Time, take my wounds, so I can heal

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