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Video Editing Services 

For freelance video editing services, I have an hourly base rate. However, I can also work with you if you prefer a project based rate. Below are the project types I have set rates for. Rates are subject to change depending on the demands of the project. Please describe your project demands in detail when requesting a quote. 


Highlight Video

  • 5-10 min stylistic video edit

  • 3 rounds of revisions 

  • Color grade & audio mix included 

Full Day Documentary Video 

  • Full ceremony, toast/speeches, garter/bouquet toss, dances, cake cutting, all rituals 

  • 2 rounds of revisions


  • 4 rounds of revisions

  • Basic color grade & audio mix included

  • Stock footage not included. Must be purchased by client



  • Services for acting, editing, director & cinematography reels 

  • 2 versions included: 1 min version & extended version 

  • 2 revisions 

  • 4 rounds of revisions

  • Color grade included 

  • Stock footage not included. Must be purchased by client

What My Clients Say


Lindsey Todd

Producer, Outside the Box Short Film 

Christine is not only an expert editor but an amazing contributor. She was proactive throughout the project and lended a helping hand at every single stage so that the final product told a clear and inspiring story. Communication was easy and turnaround was quick. She’s my go-to and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

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