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Original music by Christine Angelique

McCormick Taco Seasoning - Jiggle  

McCormick had a nationwide America's Got Tacos contest to search for a song that embodied their brand and love for tacos. Christine Angelique's jiggle and video submission received a top 5 placement, and she was amongst the 4 remaining finalists who received a reward apart from the grand prize. 


Mangos EP


Mangos is Christine Angelique's first EP, released in May 2022. Singer-songwriter, Island genre. Available on all streaming sites. 

Cajon Cutie - Single

Falling for you was a mesmerizing melody, but I got lost in the beat.


Cajon Cutie is a single from Christine Angelique's EP Mangos, released July 2021. Singer-songwriter, Island genre. Available on all streaming sites. 

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Dear Society - Single

Released in July 2020, Dear Society is a single commenting on the Black American experience and the Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality. This single features other Black artists like Cre8tivezjay, AKKAII and Chantel Zenani Reeder. Spoken Word, Rap genre. Available on all streaming sites. 

Fostered - Soundtrack Single 

Released June 2017, Fostered is a soundtrack single from Christine Angelique's award winning short film, Fostered. This song captures the theme of the film, a story about an amateur singer-songwriter struggling to protect her little sister from the foster care system. Available on Apple music, iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music. 

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